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Finally Back

Hi everyone , welcome back to the first blog post in ages. I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time come up writing another blog post… I have been trying to self host my blog and make it easier to post. You can read about it in the post from 25 October 2019. But it didn’t really work for me. I had problems getting the pipeline to work properly and so on.


Running With the Hype

Hello everyone ^^, it’s me after a quite long time again. This time I want to write about something that just has happend to me in an important side project of mine. To get some context, I’m a web developer. I like developing web apps. It doesn’t really matter to me if it is a SPA or a MPA. If it’s Typescript, HTML and some variant of CSS I’m happy and productive.


Haskell Reduction Expression

So recently I started taking a course about Haskell. This whole functional programming thing has me really hooked lately and I really want to get good at this. For me as a programmer Haskell is “not” that difficult. What i mean with that is, Haskell in a sence isn’t hard to grasp. You have functions. Everything is a function. You have a switch statement on steroids (quite insane steroids tbh ^^) and you Algebraic Datatypes (which are also quite nice).

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